Our mission

IMMI (International Marketing Management, Inc) is dedicated to serving the Federal State and Local government markets, Prime contractors and Industrial and Commercial establishments with the best alternate supplies and customizations that most larger suppliers can not offer.

IMMI is an integrated supplier of quality industrial, medical, health care and scientific laboratory products and services. IMMI has spent years refining the art of Vendor Managed Inventory. Whether it's packaging supplies for shipping departments, hand tools for machine shops, Industrial computing products, or gloves and safety supplies for laboratory and production lines, or lab coats for your clean rooms, you can say goodbye to overages, shortages and the panic of emergency orders.

As an Integrated supplier, IMMI has been managing MRO Inventory programs and supplies for customers in various industries for over 10 years, especially for their Maintenance, Repair, Operations, Shipping & Packaging, Safety and Facilities management.